Exercise 131 Change these sentences from active voice to passive voice.

Passive voice: past continuous tense

  Active voice
1 A gardener was pruning the rosebushes.
2 A mechanic was repairing my car.
3 A doctor was examining the patient.
4 A violent storm was rocking the boats.
5 A typhoon was hitting the country.
6 The paparazzi were pursuing Lady Gaga.
7 A Chinese coach was training the divers.
8 The police were investigating the murder.
9 The farmer was ploughing the field.
10 A Russian coach was training the gymnasts.

  Passive voice
1 The rosebushes were being pruned by a gardener.
2 ________________________________________
3 ________________________________________
4 ________________________________________
5 ________________________________________
6 ________________________________________
7 ________________________________________
8 ________________________________________
9 ________________________________________
10 ________________________________________



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2 responses to “Exercise 131 Change these sentences from active voice to passive voice.

  1. asha

    were are the answers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • dollyfong

      I guess you meant where are the answers? If you look at the top of the page, on the right there is an arrow that indicates Exercise 132. Click on it. When you’re on Exercise 132, click on it again. This will take you to Exercise 133. When you’re on this page, you’ll see the next page is the answers of Exercise 131.

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